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DocDB is the Computing Sector's document repository, which contains conference technical papers and presentations, technical documentation, sector reports, Strategic and Tactical plans, and sector MOUs, among other documents.

All official sector documents, including the aforementioned items, should be placed in this information repository. Please refer to the "Guidelines for Using DocDB" below for more information.

Assistance with using this repository may be obtained by opening a Service Desk Request. General questions may be sent to docdb-adm@fnal.gov.

Accessing DocDB

Access Public or Private (username/password required) Documents
Access SSO Version of CS DocDB
Access Certificate Version of CS DocDB - If you are accessing this version for the first time, you must first apply for access
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Guidelines for Using DocDB

Topic Descriptions --in progress

Some CS Document Lists*

Topics are a way of making collections of documents for easy review and referral.We can help you to make topics and collections. Here are some collections, also available from the specific area CS web pages (e.g., Security, Budget) for your use.

FY12 Strategic Plans - cert | password
FY12 Tactical Plans - cert | password

Computer Security Documents - cert | password

FY2012 ES&H Plan
Other ES&H Documents - cert | password

* If there are other lists of documents you would like to see listed here, email the DocDB Administrators.

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